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Note; 2023/2024 membership ends April 30th.

Type of membership and price

(2023/24 in brackets)





£250 (£240)


£470 (£450)


£530 (£510)


£105 (£100)

18 yrs to 25 yrs £115 (£110)


Under 8s Free (Free


Under 10s £55 (£50)


Under 18s £80 (£75)

Please contact Claire Hancock (Membership Secretary) if you have any issues regarding membership payment on...


For those renewing, you can activate the membership via the ClubSpark website.

You will need to login with your existing ClubSpark account (email address)


2024/25 Membership Details:

Note: Membership for 2024/2025 will run

from May 1st 2024 to April 30th 2025

Non-Member Offer - Play for £5 each for up to 90 mins (booking only). Please contact club for further details.

Join for 1 month for £20 - Join the club for a month to try out the facilities and if you decide to join, we will deduct £20 off your membership fee (this includes full booking rights but does not allow you to play for the teams)



How do I join the club?

Click on the link above and follow the instructions via the Clubspark page.

Can I have a look around the club before I join?

Of course! Visit the club when ever it is convenient to you. Adult mix in evenings are Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, and Sunday mornings if you have any questions you'd like to ask current members.

We are thinking of purchasing some new artificial clay courts for our club, could we try yours without joining your club?

Yes, if you'd like to arrange a date to use the courts then please use the contact form to get in touch. This way we can ensure that the courts are not being used upon your arrival.

I'd like to join the club, but its already part way through the membership season?

Let us know when you'd like to join the club (using the contact form) and an appropriate membership fee will be calculated, whether it be for an individual adult member, couple or family membership!

Do I have to pay extra to play for the teams?

No, if you'd like to play for the club's teams then please contact the team captains. Their details can be found on the 'contact us' page.

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